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I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bag. While I’m not quite a minimalist, I do enjoy minimalism in certain parts of my life. Like for instance, the conundrum of the pocketbook, work bag debacle.

As I’ve grown up I want to be able to combine work/life sometimes into one bag – simplicity in a way. This is why I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect backpack that will serve many purposes:

  • It needs to be multi-purpose: travel, work, maybe photography, digital lifestyle
  • Fits a laptop comfortably
  • Fits a DSLR camera
  • Looks stylish and professional
  • Affordable (I was ok with spending in the $300ish range)

Sounds like I want a lot and hey, it probably is!

While on my hunt, I’ve found a few bags worth considering.  They are The Breton, Pmai, Ona, Vinta, Calpak, and Atlas.

The hardest part was trying to figure out which one I wanted. Read until the end to see which one I finally chose!

The Options


Breton Company // Seems to be geared more towards a male demographic

  • Canvas with leather accents such as the handle.
  • Seems a little small for what I want to do. May not be big enough for travel.


Pmai // Looks very professional and sleek

  • Nylon and leather material.



Ona Bags // Geared more towards photographers and one of the first bags I came across (I’ve been loving on this brand for quite a while)

  • Many beautiful designs and lots of different styles. There are lots of options in terms of types of bags and materials (leather, canvas, and nylon).
  • One of the more expensive brands that I’m reviewing.
  • I really like their canvas option better than the others.




Atlas Supply Co //  Geared towards creatives/lifestyle businesses

  • Affordable price range (starting around $200+).
  • Canvas and leather and now a Vegan option.
  • Multi-purpose – photography and digital nomads.
  • The leather option makes me feel like I can use it in many different scenarios (ie. for work, business, travel, etc) and still look professional.


Vinta // For the modern traveler

  • This bag has a more masculine feel.
  • Features a weatherproof material.
  • Side and bottom straps for attachments like tripods.
  • I feel like this would be a great bag for people who like to do outdoor activities.



Calpak // Geared more towards travel

  • Feminine inspired and luxurious.
  • Nice price range – Crazy affordable price – around $89 (the cheapest of all the bags I’ve been looking at).
  • Not a fan of the design but the colors of the bag are beautiful.



Woolandoak // Luxury Travel Bags

  • Clean and sleek design.
  • The transformer of all the backpacks on this list; backpack, weekender duffle, and overnighter backpack. You can zip the different modules together two carry on combinations.

The Battle Between Two Awesomesauce Bags


This was a much harder decision than I thought it would be.

When I first started researching for my new backpack I never thought I would come across so many amazing options. In the end, it came between two bags – Ona and Atlas.

I had such a tough time deciding between the two bags.

It came down to two important factors: Price and Functionality.

What Did I Choose?

I’m not a photographer and I don’t plan on being one anytime soon plus the Ona bag was a tad bit more expensive than the Atlas Co backpack.

The Atlas Supply Co backpack stole my heart at first sight and never let go. I would definitely get another one even though I don’t think this one is going to give out anytime soon.

I ended up getting the leather option in the color Clay.  It is an absolutely beautiful bag.


The Atlas Supply Co backpack was in the right price range ($297 for the leather bags) compared to $497 for Ona’s canvas backpack. Ona’s black leather backpack is closer to $500. The Ona backpacks are a little bit smaller and are geared more towards photographers. The Atlas backpacks are bigger and they come with something they call a “detachable shelf”. This shelf allows you to separate your backpack into separate sections.

I’ve had it for about 3 months now and I love it. I will do a full review of the bag later but for now, let’s just say I’m one happy camper.

Changes I would make

Now that I’ve carried the bag for a few months, I would make a few small changes.

Trolly Pass-Through

I wish it had a flap where I could attach it to my luggage strap (trolly pass-through) kind of like the Calpak backpack.

Deeper Inside Pocket

Inside pocket to be little deeper. It says it fits an iPad mini but it doesn’t fit mine (I have an older one). It’s not a big deal but that would be nice

More Cushion For Laptop

At the bottom of the bag where you put your computer, I wish there was a little extra padding. I’ve found myself kind of haphazardly placing the bag down on hard surfaces and cringing as it hits the table and wondering about my laptop.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase.



  1. San

    Thanks for posting this comparison! Can you please share your updated review on the Atlas backpack now that st you’ve had it for a while? I would love to see how it has held up!

    • Crystal

      Thanks for commenting. I will definitely do an update 🙂


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