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aruba sign with friends

I use to do a lot of traveling. Then life started taking over and I let traveling fall by the wayside.

So, when my sorority sister said she was going to have a destination wedding in Aruba I quickly said, “I’m in!!!”

I must admit, I hadn’t realized how much travel has changed over the last few years or how much I’ve missed it.  Going to Aruba has reignited my passion for travel and I’m making a promise to myself to start back traveling more.

We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel Resort and Casino.  This is the hotel she had reserved for guests to stay at a discount (even though the price I paid still didn’t feel like a discount).  

One good thing about staying at that hotel was that they owned the famous Flamingo Island.  Because we were guests of that hotel we were able to visit the island whenever we wanted to for free. 

If you were not a guest of the Renaissance you had to pay $150 to visit the island. What’s worse is that the hotel only reserves a few tickets for non-guests. So you have to be quick when making your reservation.

eating a late dinner
aruba sky view

Aruba is beautiful! The people are friendly and the food was amazing.  We learned that the island was colonized by the Dutch so there is a large Dutch influence all over the island.

dutch panckaes

Kids learn how to swim as a mandatory part of their school curriculum – which makes sense since we are on an island

aruba pier
riding the boat to flamingo island
sitting with flamingos
on the beach

The official language of Aruba is Popimento.  It is a mixture of around 7 different languages.

sight seeing
beautiful church

My favorite part of any vacation is sightseeing. I like taking tours to learn more about the culture. We took a bus trip that took us from one side of the island to the complete opposite side.  

the bride and groom
guests at the wedding

Here are the beautiful bride and her groom.  We had a blast at the wedding. She reserved the entire private island for their wedding.  


Longer Trip

We visited Aruba for 4 days and 3 nights.  I would stay an entire week or longer. There is so much to do and see.

Stay At Another Hotel

The hotel we stayed at was lovely but it was expensive and it wasn’t all-inclusive.  When we took the sightseeing tour we saw so many beautiful places further into the heart of Aruba that I would love to give a try.    

Try More Excursions

There was so much that I didn’t get to do with my short time in Aruba.  I plan on staying longer next time so I can do more adventures.

Where to next?

For my next trip, I will be going to California at the end of January 2020 as a birthday gift to myself.

I’ve never been to Cali so I am super excited.

Where have you gone lately or what trips do you have planned?

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  1. Veronica Fleming

    This was a really good read, very insightful. Great pictures of your trip. You will enjoy Cali..😊

    • Crystal

      Hey girl!! Thanks for commenting.


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