Hello September 2019: The Grind

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I’ve been busy these past few months. I started working with a non-profit doing their digital marketing and finally figured out what direction I want to take with my business.

Developing My Skills

I needed to level up my digital marketing skills for resume purposes and the perfect opportunity presented itself. I have started working as the digital marketing manager for a non-profit.

It’s a non-profit that provides mental health resources for the black community with a twist – they focus on healing through song and dance. The group is comprised of Black artists from the theater and broadway community.

Right now, we’ve been working on growing their Instagram account. I will start working more on their blog content later this month.

Shows + Books To Binge


I didn’t get into watching the show Suits until it had been on the air for a couple of years.  I’m still not finished catching up and the series is only 2 shows away from ending. 

However, the one character that I fell in love with was Jessica Pearson. 

Jessica Pearson’s character got a spin-off into her own show called, you guessed it – Pearson.

She’s a super bad-ass with a heart of gold. I am obsessed with this character and with this show!  Also, her condo is to die for!! A one-bedroom condo in the heart of downtown Chicago with herringbone floors (heart swooning :-))


I’ve recommitted to reading at least 15 mins a day.

Got this book a few years back and never opened it up to read. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading the book so far. Sophia is hilarious! It’s always nice to see how other people got their start.

The number one thing I’m taking away from this book is to be unapologetically you.


Taking Care Of Yourself As Entrepreneur

Anxiety from entrepreneurship is real.  I read this article and was like – yep…yep…I wholeheartedly agree!  I especially relate to the Diet and Exercise part.

I will sit at my computer all day at work, come home and get right back on the computer to work on my own projects. I never want to stop because there is always something else to do. But that’s just it – there will always be something else to do – it never stops. So we have to be mindful of that and take care of our selves. The work can wait.

A Big Fat Website Redo That is For The Gawds

I love a good rebrand and Laura Belgrey from Talking Shrimp did her thang on her website redo.  I am a total fangirl of Laura. She’s funny and personable.  I love reading anything she puts out. 

Websites are like homes, you need to refresh them every once in a while.  As I embark on working on my own Freelance Writer’s website, I can totally appreciate the amount of time and hard work that went into her redesign. 

Her website has this old school vintage vibe with copy that is fun and cheeky.  

The Playhouse That Dreams Are Made Of…

Tiny Playhouse in a basement. I would push chairs together and gather all the blankets in my grandma’s house and create a little playhouse fort. I would have been the envy of the neighborhood if I would’ve had a playhouse like this one!!

I want one! The End.



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