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If you’ve never heard of Hidradenitis Supprativa don’t worry you’re not alone. 

When I sit back and think about it, I’ve actually been dealing with this disease since I hit puberty.  However, it has never really bothered me…that is until a few years ago.

I was watching tv one night, a show called mystery diagnosis and what do you know, the person was suffering from the same thing I had been suffering with for the last 2 years. I actually wanted to cry because my pain actually had a name – Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). It meant that I wasn’t going crazy.  HS is an autoimmune issue characterized by cysts that form on areas of the body where you have sweat glands and let me tell ya…it hurts like hell. Not much is known about this condition and it generally goes undiagnosed because many people suffer in silence. 

I had been suffering, in silence for well over 2 years with increasing symptoms.  My HS is primarily under my arms but there have been times where I have experienced flares on my thighs. There would be times where I couldn’t even lift my arm.  Simple movements would bring me to tears. 

I searched the internet for help with reducing my flares or for a cure for HS and came to realize that if I changed my diet I could dramatically improve this situation. I figured out that dairy, legumes, nuts, and wheat are the main culprits for my flares. So I am working on cutting out all foods that contain those ingredients. It hasn’t been easy but the joy of not being in chronic pain far outweighs my desire to have a slice of pizza (pizza my favorite food). To tell you the truth, I’m quite afraid to eat those foods right now. 


I was referred to one of the leading doctors in the state for this condition and we both decided that a procedure called “unroofing” would be a good next step for one of my arms since the progression of the disease had gotten to a point where I was flaring up constantly.

I’ll go into further details about how I’ve been dealing with this disease and how my surgery has gone in a later post but let me just say this – the procedure was a lot more extensive and a lot more painful tha I thought it was going to be, which leads me to the next point…


I have been in beast mode as it relates to working on my goals and blog but due to this procedure, I have had to slow down a lot and allow myself time to heal both physically and mentally.

At first, I was beating myself up about this but then I realized that it is okay to heal, to take a break. I’m just now feeling better and I feel like I can slowly get back into the swing of things.

This ordeal has really made me sit back and think about my business and how I need to make sure that I have systems in place for situations like this.  I also need to focus on diversifying my income streams especially when it comes to passive income. 


In an effort to read more I’ve decided to try and take on a book every month. This month I’m reading a book by some pretty dope designers by the name of Hoodzpah Designs. They are twin sisters who started a graphic design business and are now sharing their knowledge around freelancing and business. The book is beautifully designed and written and I am enjoying it so far.


During my downtime from my procedure, I decided to watch a show called “The Good Place”. I had seen the first episode a while back and didn’t really give the show a chance. Boy oh boy was I wrong. I absolutely love this show and I’m so excited that I’m caught up with past seasons so I can watch the new episodes that started last week.

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