Hello January 2019: We Are What We Repeatedly Do



People have strong feelings about New Year’s Resolutions.  You either love them or hate them.  As for me, I never really keep up with them after February which is why I started thinking of how I want my year to feel rather than what I have to accomplish.  Each year I think up a word that encompasses how I want my year to feel.  The word for this year is  – Habit. 

This year I want to create healthy habits in all areas of my life.  Aristotle said it best – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 



Connect with God on a deeper level EVERYDAY.  This could be through prayer or journaling. I just want to make sure that I not only stay connected but grow in my relationship with Him.


I feel like last year I wasn’t listening to my body which is why my autoimmune disease went out of control.  This year I am going to make sure that I am giving my mind and body what it needs.  

For my mind, I want to make sure that I have a healthy balance of work + play. I put a lot of my plate last year which was both good and bad. I ended up getting a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish done but if I am being honest with myself, it was a little too much which left me feeling exhausted by the end of the year.  So, I’ve decided to only take on things that will move me closer to my goals; things that give me joy; and things that I realistically have the energy to dedicate my time to. I’m also going to practice saying “no” more and being ok with it.

I will commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep and making time for daily reflections and meditation.  I also want to make sure that I carve out time each day to read…an actual book. I normally listen to audiobooks because I am so busy but there is something about opening up a book and getting lost in the words.  I actually miss it and I want to make sure that I start spending more time reading.


I need to lose weight. To be honest I don’t feel very comfortable at my current weight and my autoimmune disease, Hidradenitis Supprativa (HS), is made worse by being overweight.  This is a horribly painful disease, so anything I can do to help it go into remission, I’m all for it!  This is the heaviest that I have been in a long time.  I’m not looking to be “skinny” – just to feel more comfortable in the skin I’m in.


I haven’t made dating a priority.  While I would like for my husband to just fall out of the sky and land on my front porch, the reality of it is that I’m going to have to put in a little work. 

So I’m going to make more of an effort to get out and do things that I enjoy, meet new people, and maybe (big maybe) join a dating site.

Habits to Work on for Personal:

  • Spiritual: Praying/meditating when I wake up
  • Mental: Going to bed around 10 pm (for at least 8 hours of sleep)
  • Mental: Writing in my journal every day 
  • Mental: Read at 15 mins/day
  • Physical: Intermittent Fasting & cutting portions in half
  • Physical: Exercise every day (even if it is just for 10 minutes)
  • Physical: Eat vegetables at every meal
  • Dating: Make meeting people more intentional by actively seeking out activities that I enjoy



I use to do so much more traveling than I currently do right now which is why I want to start back traveling this year.  On the books, I have a trip scheduled for Aruba for a wedding/reunion.  I am also thinking about visiting Texas since my best friend moved there and I’ve never been.

Write a Screenplay

I’ve always wanted to write a book and a screenplay.  A few weeks ago my friend told me that she was taking a screenplay writing class and I told her I wanted to join.  The assignment for the class is to read the screenplay Manchester by the Sea, written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan.  We get bonus points for watching the movie as well. 

Habits to Work on for Fun:

  • Travel: Plan trip to somewhere you’ve never been – Already done!
  • Work on screenplay 15 mins/day



I had a friend who has been in the internet marketing space for years tell me, “If you want your blog to be a business instead of a hobby, you must treat it like a business or like it’s a job”.  You wouldn’t just show up to your job at any time on any day – no – you would have a schedule.

I’ve been blogging for years. I originally got my start with blogging because I wanted to do affiliate marketing.  So I started a few niche sites and found out that I really didn’t have a passion for what I was writing about.  So those blogs eventually fell by the wayside.  However, even though those blogs didn’t work out, I fell in love with blogging and learned so much.

This Skillshare class from Elle Luna called Choose Must: 10 Hands-On Exercises to Find and Pursue Your Passion really helped me narrow down my focus. Since I’ve always had a love for real estate (I have my real estate license) and absolutely love interior design, why not blog about those things?   I’m writing a post on how to figure out your niche, so stay tuned for that. 

I have been treating this blog like a hobby but no more! I’m not sure where this is going to take me professionally, I just know that it is something that I feel like I want and need to do right now. Which leads me to my next point…


I’m not sure where I want my career to go.  Do I want to grow in the digital marketing field? Do I want to work in Real Estate?  Do I want to start my own business doing consulting/coaching or writing?  I have no idea…I just know that whatever I decide it has to feel right and feed my soul.  I want to be excited about whatever it is I’m doing.

Habits to Work on for Blog + Career

  • Consistency with writing on the blog
  • Better at photography – specifically mobile photography because I hate carrying around my DSLR
  • Deliberate and intentional connection: Develop relationships for the blog, business, and my career

So how do you bring in the New Year? Do you make resolutions or come up with a word/theme that will represent what you want to accomplish for the year?



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