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Around this time every year, I start looking for cute and professional ways to protect my natural hair from the cold plus keep me warm. Headwraps are a great alternative to a winter hat.  From the more traditional headwrap to the updated twist on turbans and headbands, we have more choices than ever before.

Headwraps have a colorful history, both figuratively and literally.  

Slave owners would demand Black women wear headwraps as a way to control black women and enforce socio-economic standards.  

Today headwraps, bandanas, turbans, and scarves are a symbol of both acceptance and defiance and serve as a connection to our past.

Two Black-owned companies that are killing the wrap game are The Wrap Life and Fanm Djanm.  

Let’s be serious – there are too many beautiful options to choose from. From simple, all the way down to one of a kind limited edition prints, there is something for everyone.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life was found by Nnenna Stella in 2013 and has become an online destination for those who want unique and beautiful headwraps.

Follow them on Instagram @TheWrapLife

the wrap life headwraps and turbanettes

Headwraps: Mamba Flow, Maha Flow, and Yandi Flow

Turbanettes: Sun Up Turbanette, Soft White Turbanette, and the Teshie Turbanette

Fanm Djanm

Fanm Djamn is a Haitian Kreyol word meaning “strong woman”. The company was founded by lifestyle influencer Paola in 2014.

Follow them on Instagram @fanmdjanm

fanm djanm headwraps

Headwraps: Havanna, Joaninha, and Jade

Headbands: Amethyst Twisted, Ti-Pyes Orange, and Dionne Twisted



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