God Won’t Tie Your Soul To A Dead End Dream

god won't tie your soul to a dead dream quote

Have you ever had a dream in your heart that you kind of quite don’t know where it came from? It doesn’t make sense but there’s this burning desire; this unquenchable thirst to pursue something that both scares and excites you? I’ve been experiencing this lately.

God is love, love is the core of your heart so why be afraid of a dream that God has put there? Easier said than done, right?

The dreams God tethers to our souls are connected directly to our purpose. The funny thing about those dreams is that they can be scary as hell. The kind of scary that makes you curl into a ball and/or run and hide.

You can run as far away from that dream as you can but it will always be there. Peeking its head out ever so often to let you know it’s still there…waiting for you to pull your pants up and say F*$& it to fear.


I’m such a planner. I NEED to know the when, what, where, and how of it all. However, that’s not how God operates. He requires from us faith. When God puts a dream in our heart and ties it to our souls we are required to walk by faith and not by sight.

Believe me, I understand. It’s hard to trust in dreams when life is constantly beating you down. If you are not used to dreaming it can be confusing. If you haven’t fully learned how to trust God, it can be scary.

But maybe that’s the point, He wants for us to move out of our comfort zones and trust that He has already figured it out.

So let’s make a promise to pursue that which consumes our hearts and to enjoy the journey along the way.



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