Colorful Nursery for A Little Boy

One of my best friends had a baby boy named Luka.  When she first told me she was pregnant she asked me for my help with ideas on his nursery.  

My friend and Luka’s father are an artsy, free-flowing, nature-loving couple.  He builds houses and furniture and she writes poetry and creates art. I wanted to give Luka a bright and colorful space.  I wanted to create a space where his mom could go in and rock him to sleep but also feel inspired.

She already has a light wood crib and a white bookshelf and has her heart set on blues for the room.  I had so much fun dreaming up ideas for his little nursery. I hope you enjoy.

colorful nursery for a little oby

Wallpaper :: Crib :: Dresser :: Rug :: Geometric Baby Mobile :: Dinosaur Book Ends



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      Thank you!!


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